Employees rates & Socio-pro


Information :  if you are an employee of a high-altitude restaurant, you are eligible for a pedestrian pass.
You can pay a supplementary fee to obtain a ski season pass. This ski pass must be encoded on another reloadable card.

Resort Employees and Socio-pro ski season pass rates for the 2021/2022 season.


Grande Galaxie season ski pass

611 euros

Supplementary fee for season ski pass

441.00 euros

Supplementary fee for season ski pass


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Ski season insurance :
ski well-insured!
Rechargeable ski card Employment contract           
Price : 
- 45€ for the season
Purchase online with your ski season pass

Price :
- 2€ for each ski season
pass purchased

- If you already have a card,
remember to recharge it
during your online purchases


- Employment contract obligatory
to qualify for resort employee ski pass rates.
- Minimum 24 hours / week


Ski season passes are valid for the winter season dates of the employment contract.


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