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Les Deux Alpes resort makes this site available to facilitate ordering ski season passes at preferential rates.

Step one: fill in the registration form on this website.
Step two: when your file is validated by our services, order your ski passes on our website:


Frequently Asked Questions


> Who can register on this site ?
•     Employees of Les 2 Alpes resorts (from 19-year-old)
•     Employees of SATA 2 ALPES (from 19-year-old) and their families
•     Students from pre-schoolers, up to and including 24-year-olds
•     Licensed competition members of Les 2 Alpes Ski Club, up to and including 24-year-olds 

> Who is the applicant ?
•     SATA 2 ALPES Personnel & Family files: the applicant is the SATA 2 ALPES employee
•     Resort employee files: the applicant is the resort employee
•     Files for students: the applicant is the child’s parent

> Who are the members?
•     SATA 2 ALPES Personnel & Family files: the members are the SATA 2 ALPES employee, the children and the spouse.
•     Resort Employee files: the member is the resort employee.
•     Files for students: the members are the children. 

> I have a profile different from my children’s, how should I proceed?

You must create two separate profiles with two usernames, and two different email addresses; purchases must be made in two separate transactions.

> Can I complete my file in several steps?

Yes, you can complete your file in several steps:
Access your file with your chosen username and password.
You can edit, add, and delete members and/or documents from the file.

> I already have a rechargeable card from last year, can I continue using it?

Yes, you can use the same rechargeable card when you purchase your pass.
In any case, complete your file and submit the documents required in the "My Documents" section.
Remember: enter your card number during your online purchases.

> I cannot submit a document.

Ensure that the document does not exceed the limit and respects the required formats.

> I am missing a document.

Complete your file. Submit it. 
In the "My messages" section, indicate that you will be adding the document shortly.
Add your document as soon as possible so your file can be processed.


The file has been submitted

> Can I still edit it?
You can add other documents or send a message.
All other modifications to the “My Account" or "My Members" sections will require a request by email. 

> I have registered a person by mistake.
Please contact customer service via the messaging service.

> I have submitted my file, what happens next?
From 15 October 2021, within one week of processing your file, we will inform you by email and give you instructions for ordering your ski passes.

Ordering my skipasses

> How do I purchase my ski passes?
1 - After validation of your file, you will receive an email inviting you to connect to our site by following the link.
2 – Sign in with the same email address and the same password as this site.
3 - Choose your ski passes and follow the directions.

Important: during the purchasing process, a photo ID will be requested of everyone.
Last season's ski pass holders will be required to enter their card number when recharging.



How do I buy my season insurance (Gliss Assur)?
Click here for information on the season insurance.
You can purchase your insurance during the purchase of your skipass

If you have not found your answer here, please contact us.


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