Staff & SATA 2 ALPES family

The passes are valid for the period of your employment contract, excluding the probationary period, and in accordance with the resort operating dates.

You are an employee of SATA 2 ALPES company and you would like a ski season pass for:

  • Yourself (from 19-year-old)
  • Your spouse
  • School children up to 24 yo (included)

SATA 2 Alpes employees leisure skipass :

Employees leisure skipass reserved to SATA 2 Alpes employees in the followed cases :  

  • To be SATA 2 Alpes season employee 

Skipasses for your dependants :

  • Spouse   
  • School children up to 24 yo :
    • Student card or school certificate

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Important information for submitting documents:
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  • Images (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png)
  • Word Documents(.doc, .docx)
  • PDF Documents (.pdf)

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